Here is a partial list of our recent clients.  Most have entrusted us with their work since we’ve established good communication and have met face-to-face to discuss the particular translation needs of every client.

SPSS Manual on Merging Databases


This was quite easy, since I had worked for a bit over 3 years as a sociology research assistant, and we used this technique quite a bit with the Statistics Canada Household Survey as well as with others.  The original technical manual file was in French and it was translated to English.

Tainan National University of the Arts

This client was met by chance.  He was completing his master’s thesis on Taiwanese architecture.   I offered a few versions of the abstract and research paper.  The topic was about one of Taiwan’s unique architectural features: the arcade-like structures built on most of the storefronts.  The abstract format in English seems a bit long, but he was intent on it being this way.

CNSA – China National Space Administration

This project included a few files.  The main topic was about Chang’E and China’s exploration and photography done to find out some very interesting facts.  I would never have thought the moon had a 10 km high mountain!  The sample provided on the PROJECTS section gives you a taste of the opening document.  Other documents dealt with more mathematical explanations on how the technology was used to create large-scaled image samples.

National Cheng Kung University

I have been helping a very interesting professor with the revision of  research papers as well as with other edits.  This professor is an expert on Aquaculture.  Taiwan is not the largest island in the world, but it has a very well-developed  aquaculture business on land as well as off-shore.  I feel blessed to have met him, since I have relatives in the Canada’s
Maritime provinces who in the fish industry.  Would hope to find more work in other disciplines, especially the social sciences, since this is my specialty.

Guangzhou Tianyuan Silicone Machinery Technology

Have also helped out with the length translation of a technical manual that dealt with a the operation and OS functions of a silicone machine for the Guangzhou Tianyuan Silicone Machinery Technology.  The original manual, written in Chinese was quite tricky, but still managed to finish it off within the deadline.  Even provided help and assistance to the Polish translators who did their best to translate it into Polish.

HS Entertainment Group Incorporated

Very simple project where we translated and did the revision of the web content of this growing entertainment group based in Beijing.

Literary Translation (French to English)

Helped produce a decent draft translation of a Sci-Fi novel being prepared by a PhD Candidate at Queen’s University in Belfast, Ireland.  Hoping that things work out well for the publishing of the French version.  If things work out, I would enjoy translating the rest of the novel.  I would even help promote it, if the author so desires.

E-Commerce, Marketing and Web Content

Other translation and revision contracts have been done for various business in Mainland China.  Marketing used on websites and brochures and web content used for Mainland China’s growing film industry.  Here are just a few of these clients.