What is Financial Translation?

Financial translation is a term used to describe the correct and consistent use of words, phrases and vernacular, used in the financial industry by experienced specialists.  My experience and training stems from my Concordia University Master’s Diploma in French to English translation.   I have enjoyed working on various translation topics, ranging from financial, social science academic publications as well as some literature. As a French to English translator, I take financial terms used in contracts and documents and translate them into the proper language that is used by companies.

The financial world offers a number of terms that are not only exclusive to finances, but to particular countries and regions as well. The job of the financial translator is to take forms, documents, and general financial communications and translate them accurately into terms that are fully understood by those seeking out their services. Many financial translators will build up close working relationships with their clients either individually or as part of a larger organization. Within that framework, the financial translators will create guides and indexes for particular terms or phrases that will ensure they are translated properly for every document. This provides consistency with the translation, so that every document will have the same language used for the clients to properly understand.

The key in financial translation is accuracy to ensure that all related text is translated properly and carries the same meaning as originally used. The goal is the elimination of ambiguous words or phrases that may cause considerable confusion when the document is properly translated to its preferred language. Financial terminology is complicated to the point where those who hold positions as financial translators are often trained, certified, and either work independently, as part of business, or for independent companies that serve the needs of their region.

Looking for a translator? Or are you a translator?
Contact Mich Imhoff Arsenault via email.  No tests please.

Email: skybridgetranslation@gmail.com



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