Translation Projects for 2017


The New Year is coming in soon. Have been informed by some friends that the month of January will be a good time to cement things. Not sure if the cementing should be done on the personal level with relationships or with my business. I do know, that the New Year will mean a different approach to my business endeavors.

First thing to consider is to actively look for new clients, and not attempt working with LSP’s. 2016 has proved to me that LSP’s can be a total waste of time. CSoft, Pactera Trans, for example, has been trying to get me on board, but I realize that the countless emails I’ve received from them, coming from so many different email accounts, means that some LSP’s look to waste their competition’s precious time. Tests, more tests, and arbitrarily assigned scores saying you didn’t match their qualifications, for an impeccably done translation sample, simply means they see you as competition and want to dissuade you from competing against them.

Must keep reading and applying the principles of Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup (2011). There’s an abundance of common sense in that book. It’s a good read!