Perl Script to convert Chinese Simplified to Traditional or Traditional to Simplified


Just finished watching a movie with Chinese subtitles. I’m more interested in practicing reading of traditional characters, so I found a Perl script that converts a file containing simplified Chinese characters and converts them to traditional. Works like a charm. Works from command line on my Darwin Linux. You’re probably thinking this can be done with a copy paste option, but command line is much more convenient, since it won’t affect the text layout, which sometimes happens with copy and paste commands. This command worked on a .srt subtitle file used for films. Give it a try if you want. Found this script on Sourceforge. Thanks VBenito!


Chinese Lunar Exploration Project: Chang’E

Chang_E_Moon_Exploration_ProgramJust finished a Chinese to English translation topic about the Chinese Lunar Exploration Project that uses the name Chang’E.  It’s interesting to note how NASA uses Greek mythology for their project names.  Chinese use their own cultural myths to name their projects.  With the wealth of stories and myths in their culture, I think they’ll have the imagination to keep an edge on the American projects.  Perhaps Indian collaboration with India will help keep things fresh.  My hope is that the whole world will collaborate on future projects.  Seems like national pride and envy is the norm these days. Sorry about not having the names of the authors. Their report is still quite interesting. Their imaging technology have helped improved the science of imaging. One amazing fact is that they’ve discovered a mountain that is 10 Km high. That’s amazing!