Sids Advice to young translators

Good advice on trying things out on your own. Keeping business honorable and having a good sense of humor while communicating with your clients can definitely help distinguish you from the corporate world. Thanks for the tips Sid!

Sid's Corner

10 lessons from my first year as a full-time freelance translator

I’ve been so busy with work this past month (hence the lack of blog posts) that I missed an important milestone. Three weeks ago marked one year since I made the bold career decision to quit my job and become a full-time freelance translator. Before that, I’d been translating part-time for several years, but just over a year ago I decided it was time to make the switch to full-time.
Taking the plunge was pretty scary and all sorts of questions were running through my mind, “What if it doesn’t work?”, “How will I survive financially if I don’t get any work?”. It has been a real learning curve. There have been some great times but many difficult times too.
Here are ten lessons I’ve learned from my first year as a full-time freelance translator that I wish…

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