Snacks, drinks and food for health eyes

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Foods that help improve your eyesight

2013-5-28 17:02:56

Chinese Online Ophthalmology Website

There are all kinds of foods that can naturally help reduce eye fatigue, redness of the eyes and help heal your overall eyesight and vision.

Which fruits are good for your eyes?

1. When the human body is absorbing salt, excessive amounts might also absorb the necessary moisture found in the cells of the body and hence create dry cells, inflammation and redness of the eyes. The potassium found in bananas can help eliminate this excessive salt in the body and help reach the balance needed to eliminate uncomfortable symptoms felt with the swelling and dryness of the eyes. Therefore maintaining your healthy eyes definitely has to do with a healthy, nutritious diet, especially with a regular habit of eating of bananas.

Red Pitaya2. The red pitaya or “dragon fruit”, which looks like a red cactus, with a thick skin, contains a rich amount of vitamin E and is reputed to contain antioxidants. The antioxidants as those found in the skins of grapes and red beets, are also known to have properties that help lose weight.  The red pitaya, is known to have the highest amount of antioxidants. Besides having these antioxidant properties, it is also known to have properties that helps slow down the aging process, as well as helping reduce the risks of brain deterioration and alzheimer’s disease.

Cherry Tomato3. The cherry tomato is considered to be one of the most vitamin-rich fruit. It contains both vitamins C and P, which help eliminate free radicals from the body and help maintain a healthy level of antioxidants.  Overall this helps maintain strong and healthy cells. At the same time, cherry tomatoes help with healthy-looking skin. Eating it as a snack is a healthy habit for those who wish to maintain their good looks.

kumkuat4. The peel of the kumquat fruit has an amazing amount of nutritious vitamins. 80% of the vitamin C is found within the peel. Not only are the peels good for the liver, but they also are excellent for the eyes, and help protect one’s immune system. The mandarin orange is also known to be one of the best fruits with these same properties. The succulence of the kumquat fruit contains a rich oil. Touching its skin produces a fragrant aroma. The freshly removed skins of the kumquat are used to produce various sweet juices used to produce all kinds of food products, like sweet candy, drinks as well as a pleasant ingredient to be used with alcohol like whiskey or vodka.

Blueberry5. The blueberry contains a naturally produced pigment (Anthocyanosides) that has antioxident properties. This pigment and its properties are known to lower the risks and problems associated with eyesight, such as eye pressure and a feeling that one’s eye are more tired than normal or having fuzzy and unclear vision during the evening. The liquid extracted from wild blueberries is known to have cyanidin, which helps maintain good eyesight and reduce myopic vision. Known to prevent worsening eyesight, it also is known to have anti-free-radical qualities.  Its rejuvenating qualities should therefore not be ignored.

sugar can6. Sugarcane is known to contain essential nutrients for the body, especially iron. It generally has a content of 1.3 milligrams for 100 grams of iron. Drinking it gives the impression that one has given a boost to one’s blood. Juice made from the sugar cane is also known to cool the body’s internal heat, such as when one has a fever.  It helps digestion, dryness of the mouth and tongue, has a soothing effect when you have the feeling of  an upset stomach, and generally helps reduce the body’s temperature, therefore it is a great drink during the summer. Finally, the juice is also known to help maintain healthy eyes.

7. Persimmon is also known to have a rich content in sucrose, glucose, fructose, protein, carotene and vitamin C.

Which medicinal teas are known to help improve the health of your eyes?

1. The drinking chrysanthemum tea seeped in boiling water is said to contain a rich amount of vitamin A. This vitamin is said to protect and maintain healthy eyes, and it is well known in Chinese medicine to be a treatment for many sicknesses relating to the eyes. Chrysanthemum tea is also said to help with two aspects, namely with helping one keep a clear mind, as well as helping maintain brighter looking eyes.  It therefore helps heal dry eyes. Having dry eyes are especially frequent with people who use computers on a daily basis and for long periods of time.  The solution is to make a habit of drinking chrysanthemum tea.

2. The wolfberry or goji berry: as a tea or as a drink, served with a good quantity of hot water. The goji berry is good for the liver and helps keep eyes clear and healthy. Rich in carotene and vitamin B1 & C, calcium and iron, this fine product helps maintain healthy eyes.   They are especially nice with chicken soup.

The wolfberry or goji berry served along with boiling hot chrysanthemum tea, gets rid of eye redness and helps provide the healing power to the liver, that at the same time provide a healing effect to dry eyes.

4. Teas made with: Senna (or cassia), Chrysanthemum, Chinese hawthorn (shānzhā).  Suggested proportions are, 10 grams of dried seeds of Senna obtusifolia, 5 grams of chrysanthemum, 15 grams of hawthorn, or perhaps a bit more.  The same recipe can be prepared, but with using larger portions but respecting the same proportions.  Serving it in hot boiling water, can help boost the liver and help relieve dry eye symptoms.

The eating of purple foods are generally seen as good for the eyes.

Varieties of fruits and vegetables that contain an inner or outer coloring of purple or dark purple such as the yam, beans, grapes, black currant, blackberry, mulberry, bilberry, purple cabbage, eggplant, the purple variety of sweet potatoes, black soybeans and so on. The purple colored pigment is produced by the plant as a flower itself. The flower pigment is a naturally produced pigment, very much like
Flavone, which can be produced in chemistry labs. There are 6 kinds of pigments produced in foodstuffs: geraniun pigments, cyanin (aka Cornflower glycosides pigments) pigments, Consolida ajacis pigments, the the pigment of peonies, white-edge morning glory pigments and finally the pigment found in the common mallow flower. The cyanidin pigment rates as the second best form of pigment that helps resist against oxidization.

Up to now, the pigments that are naturally produced by flowers are well-known to help fight the resistance against oxidization. Other chemical forms, such as vitamin C are known to help, but unfortunately, they produce damage to the human organs. The flower pigment is still the best choice to of naturally produced pigments to help prevent eye diseases. Given that the purple pigment is the ideal form of free radical pigment found in the above mentioned flowers and foodstuff,
even Western scholars, now accept it as the best form of natural purple pigment used for healthy eyes.

Chinese Traditional Medicine’s Suggestions On Foods That Protect The Eyes

1. Carrot Daylily Cheese Wraps

Ingredients: Carrots, Enokitake mushrooms, Chinese chives, scallions, eggs, cheese slices, bacon

Preparation method: Mix together carrot strips, chopped chinese chives, enokitake mushrooms. Mix together eggs and put on hot, flat pan to create a omlete-like shape or create a French-style crepe using 3 eggs, 2 cups of milk and one and a half cups of flower, place cheese, bacon, carrots strips, enokitake and Chinese chives on omlette and create a wrap or a roll with it. Use the fresh scallions or heat them up, along with the Chinese chives in the omlete mix or crepe and then put the prepared rolls in the microwave along with the cheese. Cook in the microwave for a few minutes or until the cheese melts, and then place the rolls on a nice plate along with the garnish of your choice.

2. Curried pineapple honey with beans and shrimp


Pineapple, sweet bean, curry powder, coconut milk, butter, garlic, scallions, 15 fresh northern shrimp, carrots, hot red pepper, salt, sugar and chicken extract.

Preparation method: prepare the carrots by cutting them open and removing the inner pulp.  Clean and remove excess water from the shrimp and then deep fry them quickly and then place the shrimp in a strainer to remove excess oil. Chop up the carrots and red peppers into small cubes. Once you finish this, finish up by chopping the scallions and garlic. Prepare the sweet green beans by placing them into boiling water. Once they are ready and have a nice color, strain and remove the water. Place the hot green beans aside. Warm up a frying pan at low heat. Once ready, place butter and then add the prepared ingredients: chives, garlic, carrots and curry powder. Heat up until the flavors seem nice.  Once this is ready, add coconut milk, shrimp, chopped red pepper into the hot pan and stir fry while adding warm water, some sugar and salt. Finally, add green beans or peas and pineapple and finish your stir fry.  Make sure it looks nice.

3. Sweet potato, cheese and bacon

Ingredients: green beans or peas, carrots, celery, canned corn, cooked sweet potato, milk, bacon, cheese, garlic, rosemary.

Ingredients: salt and crushed black pepper.

Preparation method: chop carrots and celery, slice the garlic, red pepper cut into small pieces and prepare bacon slices. Remove the skin from the sweet potato and mash with a bit of milk. Add oil to a hot frying pan. Once at medium heat, add the garlic slices and wait for the pan to heat up and for the flavors to come out.  Once this is done, add the green beans, chopped carrots, corn and stir fry while adding salt and black pepper to your liking. When the fried ingredients are ready, add the mashed sweet potato mix, prepared prepared in the previous steps. Take the mashed sweet potato mixed with the fried up ingredients and spread on bacon strips. Once the mix and fried ingredients have been spread evenly, add another layer of bacon strips on top and then add cheese of your liking. Mozeralla works fine, but you can try experimenting with other cheese like gruyere. Place in the oven and roast to give it a scrumptious look. Voila! Eat up!

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