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Foods that help improve your eyesight

2013-5-28 17:02:56

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There are all kinds of foods that can naturally help reduce eye fatigue, redness of the eyes and help heal your overall eyesight and vision.

Which fruits are good for your eyes?

1. When the human body is absorbing salt, excessive amounts might also absorb the necessary moisture found in the cells of the body and hence create dry cells, inflammation and redness of the eyes. The potassium found in bananas can help eliminate this excessive salt in the body and help reach the balance needed to eliminate uncomfortable symptoms felt with the swelling and dryness of the eyes. Therefore maintaining your healthy eyes definitely has to do with a healthy, nutritious diet, especially with a regular habit of eating of bananas.

Red Pitaya2. The red pitaya or “dragon fruit”, which looks like a red cactus, with a thick skin, contains a rich amount of vitamin E and is reputed to contain antioxidants. The antioxidants as those found in the skins of grapes and red beets, are also known to have properties that help lose weight.  The red pitaya, is known to have the highest amount of antioxidants. Besides having these antioxidant properties, it is also known to have properties that helps slow down the aging process, as well as helping reduce the risks of brain deterioration and alzheimer’s disease.

Cherry Tomato3. The cherry tomato is considered to be one of the most vitamin-rich fruit. It contains both vitamins C and P, which help eliminate free radicals from the body and help maintain a healthy level of antioxidants.  Overall this helps maintain strong and healthy cells. At the same time, cherry tomatoes help with healthy-looking skin. Eating it as a snack is a healthy habit for those who wish to maintain their good looks.

kumkuat4. The peel of the kumquat fruit has an amazing amount of nutritious vitamins. 80% of the vitamin C is found within the peel. Not only are the peels good for the liver, but they also are excellent for the eyes, and help protect one’s immune system. The mandarin orange is also known to be one of the best fruits with these same properties. The succulence of the kumquat fruit contains a rich oil. Touching its skin produces a fragrant aroma. The freshly removed skins of the kumquat are used to produce various sweet juices used to produce all kinds of food products, like sweet candy, drinks as well as a pleasant ingredient to be used with alcohol like whiskey or vodka.

Blueberry5. The blueberry contains a naturally produced pigment (Anthocyanosides) that has antioxident properties. This pigment and its properties are known to lower the risks and problems associated with eyesight, such as eye pressure and a feeling that one’s eye are more tired than normal or having fuzzy and unclear vision during the evening. The liquid extracted from wild blueberries is known to have cyanidin, which helps maintain good eyesight and reduce myopic vision. Known to prevent worsening eyesight, it also is known to have anti-free-radical qualities.  Its rejuvenating qualities should therefore not be ignored.

sugar can6. Sugarcane is known to contain essential nutrients for the body, especially iron. It generally has a content of 1.3 milligrams for 100 grams of iron. Drinking it gives the impression that one has given a boost to one’s blood. Juice made from the sugar cane is also known to cool the body’s internal heat, such as when one has a fever.  It helps digestion, dryness of the mouth and tongue, has a soothing effect when you have the feeling of  an upset stomach, and generally helps reduce the body’s temperature, therefore it is a great drink during the summer. Finally, the juice is also known to help maintain healthy eyes.

7. Persimmon is also known to have a rich content in sucrose, glucose, fructose, protein, carotene and vitamin C.

Which medicinal teas are known to help improve the health of your eyes?

1. The drinking chrysanthemum tea seeped in boiling water is said to contain a rich amount of vitamin A. This vitamin is said to protect and maintain healthy eyes, and it is well known in Chinese medicine to be a treatment for many sicknesses relating to the eyes. Chrysanthemum tea is also said to help with two aspects, namely with helping one keep a clear mind, as well as helping maintain brighter looking eyes.  It therefore helps heal dry eyes. Having dry eyes are especially frequent with people who use computers on a daily basis and for long periods of time.  The solution is to make a habit of drinking chrysanthemum tea.

2. The wolfberry or goji berry: as a tea or as a drink, served with a good quantity of hot water. The goji berry is good for the liver and helps keep eyes clear and healthy. Rich in carotene and vitamin B1 & C, calcium and iron, this fine product helps maintain healthy eyes.   They are especially nice with chicken soup.

The wolfberry or goji berry served along with boiling hot chrysanthemum tea, gets rid of eye redness and helps provide the healing power to the liver, that at the same time provide a healing effect to dry eyes.

4. Teas made with: Senna (or cassia), Chrysanthemum, Chinese hawthorn (shānzhā).  Suggested proportions are, 10 grams of dried seeds of Senna obtusifolia, 5 grams of chrysanthemum, 15 grams of hawthorn, or perhaps a bit more.  The same recipe can be prepared, but with using larger portions but respecting the same proportions.  Serving it in hot boiling water, can help boost the liver and help relieve dry eye symptoms.

The eating of purple foods are generally seen as good for the eyes.

Varieties of fruits and vegetables that contain an inner or outer coloring of purple or dark purple such as the yam, beans, grapes, black currant, blackberry, mulberry, bilberry, purple cabbage, eggplant, the purple variety of sweet potatoes, black soybeans and so on. The purple colored pigment is produced by the plant as a flower itself. The flower pigment is a naturally produced pigment, very much like
Flavone, which can be produced in chemistry labs. There are 6 kinds of pigments produced in foodstuffs: geraniun pigments, cyanin (aka Cornflower glycosides pigments) pigments, Consolida ajacis pigments, the the pigment of peonies, white-edge morning glory pigments and finally the pigment found in the common mallow flower. The cyanidin pigment rates as the second best form of pigment that helps resist against oxidization.

Up to now, the pigments that are naturally produced by flowers are well-known to help fight the resistance against oxidization. Other chemical forms, such as vitamin C are known to help, but unfortunately, they produce damage to the human organs. The flower pigment is still the best choice to of naturally produced pigments to help prevent eye diseases. Given that the purple pigment is the ideal form of free radical pigment found in the above mentioned flowers and foodstuff,
even Western scholars, now accept it as the best form of natural purple pigment used for healthy eyes.

Chinese Traditional Medicine’s Suggestions On Foods That Protect The Eyes

1. Carrot Daylily Cheese Wraps

Ingredients: Carrots, Enokitake mushrooms, Chinese chives, scallions, eggs, cheese slices, bacon

Preparation method: Mix together carrot strips, chopped chinese chives, enokitake mushrooms. Mix together eggs and put on hot, flat pan to create a omlete-like shape or create a French-style crepe using 3 eggs, 2 cups of milk and one and a half cups of flower, place cheese, bacon, carrots strips, enokitake and Chinese chives on omlette and create a wrap or a roll with it. Use the fresh scallions or heat them up, along with the Chinese chives in the omlete mix or crepe and then put the prepared rolls in the microwave along with the cheese. Cook in the microwave for a few minutes or until the cheese melts, and then place the rolls on a nice plate along with the garnish of your choice.

2. Curried pineapple honey with beans and shrimp


Pineapple, sweet bean, curry powder, coconut milk, butter, garlic, scallions, 15 fresh northern shrimp, carrots, hot red pepper, salt, sugar and chicken extract.

Preparation method: prepare the carrots by cutting them open and removing the inner pulp.  Clean and remove excess water from the shrimp and then deep fry them quickly and then place the shrimp in a strainer to remove excess oil. Chop up the carrots and red peppers into small cubes. Once you finish this, finish up by chopping the scallions and garlic. Prepare the sweet green beans by placing them into boiling water. Once they are ready and have a nice color, strain and remove the water. Place the hot green beans aside. Warm up a frying pan at low heat. Once ready, place butter and then add the prepared ingredients: chives, garlic, carrots and curry powder. Heat up until the flavors seem nice.  Once this is ready, add coconut milk, shrimp, chopped red pepper into the hot pan and stir fry while adding warm water, some sugar and salt. Finally, add green beans or peas and pineapple and finish your stir fry.  Make sure it looks nice.

3. Sweet potato, cheese and bacon

Ingredients: green beans or peas, carrots, celery, canned corn, cooked sweet potato, milk, bacon, cheese, garlic, rosemary.

Ingredients: salt and crushed black pepper.

Preparation method: chop carrots and celery, slice the garlic, red pepper cut into small pieces and prepare bacon slices. Remove the skin from the sweet potato and mash with a bit of milk. Add oil to a hot frying pan. Once at medium heat, add the garlic slices and wait for the pan to heat up and for the flavors to come out.  Once this is done, add the green beans, chopped carrots, corn and stir fry while adding salt and black pepper to your liking. When the fried ingredients are ready, add the mashed sweet potato mix, prepared prepared in the previous steps. Take the mashed sweet potato mixed with the fried up ingredients and spread on bacon strips. Once the mix and fried ingredients have been spread evenly, add another layer of bacon strips on top and then add cheese of your liking. Mozeralla works fine, but you can try experimenting with other cheese like gruyere. Place in the oven and roast to give it a scrumptious look. Voila! Eat up!

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Three Princesses

Learning and using OmegaT translation software lately, and I thought I might start sharing some of my sample Chinese to English pieces. This is the first one. It’s quite simple, but I like the story a lot. I also have other pieces dealing with genomic science and Chinese Traditional Medicine (CTM) coming up soon.

Three Princesses


Original Version

这个故事会叫多少男人惭愧?多少女人掉眼泪? 在很久很久以前,有一个国王。他把他的国家治理的非常好,国家不大,但百姓们丰衣足食,安居乐业,十分幸福。国王有三位美丽可爱的小公主,三位小公主们从生下来就具有一种神奇的魔力,当她们哭泣的时候,落下的眼泪会化作一颗颗晶莹剔透的钻石,价值连城。有一天,国王发觉自己年事已高,自己的国家还没有人可以托付,公主们也没人照顾。于是昭告天下:“众所周知,我有三位的公主,她们每个人都拥有举世无双的美貌,而且她们的眼泪可以化作昂贵的钻石,一个月后,我将为她们召集所有的优秀的男人,让她们挑选自己心仪的丈夫. 被选中的人将有机会继承我的国家和财富!”一个月后,国王的城堡里挤满了来自世界各地的王子,骑士和富豪之子。一个个都是英俊潇洒,器宇不凡。他们自信满满的围在王宫里,等待着公主们的到来。正午的时候,国王带着他的三位公主们来到宫殿。为了表示对远道而来的客人的欢迎,大公主在现场为众人唱了一首歌,嗓音清澈,犹如天籁;二公主在现场为众人跳了一支舞,步伐轻盈,身段美妙。而最年幼的小公主,对着众人浅浅的一笑,就躲在国王的身后再也不肯出来。国王尴尬的解释道,请大家不要介意,小公主自从生下来后就没有说过话,而且很怕生人。为了博取公主们的亲睐,大家纷纷展示了自己的长处,有的当场写诗 作画送给大公主,有的为二公主表演剑法和马术,有的拿出世间少有的奇珍异宝献给小公主。大公主和二公主都很开心,也渐渐有了自己的决定,只有小公主静静的依然躲在国王的身后。大公主最后选择了一个王子,那个英俊的王子对她许诺说,会为她征服全世界,在每座城堡上刻下她的名字;二公主最后选择了富豪之子,那个聪明的男孩对她保证说,他会赚很多钱,为她建立一座世界上最华丽的宫殿,里面摆满美丽的奇珍异宝;小公主平静的看着那些人,摇了摇头。正在国王准备宣布结果时,从人群中走出一个年轻的牧羊人,他径直走到小公主跟前,在她耳边说了一句话。小公主忽然笑的很灿烂,她毫不犹豫的挽住了牧羊人的手。就这样,三个公主都有了自己的伴侣。五年过去了。。。大公主的丈夫用眼泪变成的钻石招兵买马,四处征战,百战百胜,每一座被他征服的城堡上,真的全都刻上了大公主的名字。大公主的名字,变得家喻户晓。她觉得自己很幸福。二公主的丈夫用眼泪变成的钻石作为成本,生意越做越大,当然,生意做得很大之后,也就不需要钻石了。他不愧是商人之子,简直是天生的商人,很快,就积累了海量的财富,虽然还没有建造出世界上最最豪华的宫殿,但是二公主也已经很心满意足了。她觉得自己很幸福。小公主自从那天跟着牧羊人离开国王的城堡,就开始周游世界。后来他们找到一个山清水秀的世外桃源,就定居了下来。牧羊人花了半个月的时间,用木头和稻草搭建了一个大房子,又做了很多家具。他们在房子的后面种了很多蔬菜,在菜地的周围,亲手做了一排栅栏。小公主把她见到的好看的花,都移植到了自己的小花园里,虽然不知道这些小野花叫什么名字,可每天看到它们就会很开心。傍晚的时候,他们会坐在湖边钓鱼,或者数星星。他们一直很穷,但是他们生活的非常开心。小公主渐渐地开始开口说话,她只对牧羊人一个人说,什么都说,天上的云彩啊,河里的鱼啊,树上的鸟窝啊,头上的蝴蝶啊一天到晚叽叽喳喳说个不停。牧羊人常常坐在湖边,安静的听她讲故事,一直到小公主讲着讲着,累得睡着了,把她抱回房间。国王病危,他派人找回了三个公主和她们的丈夫。他很惊讶的发现,小公主夫妇穿着干净整齐却打满补丁的衣服,他好奇他们为什么这么贫穷。要知道,小公主随便一滴眼泪就足够买一家衣服店。牧羊人说,因为我从来不让她哭泣。国王立刻决定,把王位传给牧羊人。也许每个人对于幸福都有自己的理解,答案从来都不是唯一的。但是只有牧羊人懂得什么是珍惜。国王问小公主,当年牧羊人跟你说了什么话?小公主说:“他在我耳边说,即使你的眼泪可以化作最昂贵的钻石,我宁愿贫困潦倒一生,也不许你哭。” 最珍贵的眼泪,不是能化作钻石的眼泪,而是不会落下的眼泪,因为珍惜你的人,不会让你哭。 请用你金贵的手复制下,你爱的人走运幸福一辈子。爱我的人,和我爱的人都会幸福一辈子

Translated version
A long time ago, there was an Emperor who ruled his kingdom well. Although his
kingdom was not so large, his subjects were well-fed, elegantly dressed, and everyone
led happy lives. The Emperor had three lovely princesses. Each princess was empowered with a
special form of magic. When they cried, their tears would shed as usual, but would be
magically transformed into priceless, sparkling, dolphin-shaped diamonds.

One day, the aging king, came to realize that he had not yet found anyone to take care of his beloved princesses and eventually become the heirs of his kingdom. He considered his situation carefully, and decided to call together a meeting at the Palace grounds near the Temple. This was what he had to say.

“As everyone knows, I have three princesses. Each with unparalleled beauty, and each
having a special form of magic, where they can turn their tears into exquisite and expensive diamonds. A month later, I will gather all good men from the nearby kingdoms to my Palace, and let each princess choose the one their future prince! The chosen princes will have then be given the opportunity to inherit my fortune and kingdom!”

A month later, the Emperor gathered princes, sons of knights, and sons of wealthy families from all parts of the world. Some were handsome, and some were very elegant, but each and everyone of them, gave off a unique and special presence and aura within the walls of the Palace.

They gathered and filled the Imperial Palace, awaiting the arrival of the kings daughters. The Emperor arrived at noon, followed by the three princesses. He had prepared a elaborate welcoming ceremony which included song and dance, performed by the local subjects. The voice of the singers produced pure and lovely sounds that inspired the image of butterflies and gentle river streams. The youngest princess, although pleased and smiling but also excited about the presence of such a large group of people, hid coyly behind the Emperor. The Emperor felt awkward about explaining the youngest princess’ behavior, but explained to the esteemed guests that they should not be bothered by her shyness.

In order to win the favor of the princesses, the relatives of the princes had brought and offered gifts that revealed their region’s uniqueness. The eldest princess was offered paintings and presented with poetry recitals, written on the spot, using beautiful calligraphy. These were offered to the eldest princess. To add to the excitement, the
second princess was presented with a fencing duel demonstration, along with a performance that showcased equestrian skills. The youngest of the princesses was offered unique and rare gifts that came from far, far away. Both the eldest and second princess were very happy and impressed by the performances. They gradually decided on their future prince. The youngest princess, however, remained calmly hidden behind her father’s protection.

The eldest princess finally made a decision and chose her prince. This handsome prince openly made the promise that he would conquer and engrave her name on the Palaces of every kingdom. The second princess chose a rich and powerful prince. This prince, being extremely clever at business, guaranteed her to build a fortune that would
allow him to build a gorgeous and elaborate Palace. The inside would be adorned with rare and beautiful decorative art. The youngest princess remained tranquil in the backdrop, while shaking her head in disapproval.

While the Emperor was preparing to give a formal declaration on the outcome of this great event, a young shepherd among the crowd, moved around the crowd and headed towards the youngest princess. He had something to tell her. As he discretely whispered something in her ear, she burst out with sweet laughter, and without
hesitation, took his hand.

So it is in this manner that the three princesses had been matched. The eldest princess shed tears to help enrich her prince. This helped him gather troops and then campaign a fight and take hold of other Palaces. He maintained his promise
and really did carve her name into each castle wall that he took possession of. It is in this manner that the eldest princess’ name became well known to everyone in all parts of the world. The second princess’ prince used the diamonds that she produced to create more business and more wealth. She had shed so many tears, that in the end no diamonds were need to produce wealth. Her prince really proved to everyone that he had a talent for doing business. He used the wealth produced from selling the diamonds that she had shed, and with them generated more wealth. With the large sums of wealth accumulated, he built the most luxurious palace ever. She felt that she
was very fortunate and lucky.

The youngest of the princesses left the Emperor’s Palace and traveled the world over. The shepherd and her, settled down in an idyllic area, surrounded by lush green hills, beautiful flowers, and flowing, clear-water rivers. The shepherd spent an arduous month wilting wood and using rice straw to build a large house. He also built many pieces of
furniture. With their own hands, they then planted many kinds of vegetables and built a fence that surrounded their field. The youngest princess would visit the surrounding hills and pick what she considered to be the most beautiful flowers. She would then plant them in the garden near their house. Although she did not quite know the names
of each and every flower, she was very happy. As the night would approach, they would either go fishing at the lake nearby or sit on a hilltop, counting and gazing at the stars. They were not that rich, they were very happy and satisfied. Although she had been quiet and reserved, when around her sisters, her life with the shepherd gave her happiness and she would go on incessantly, talking about everything she saw from the special sparkle of a star, the grace and beauty of the butterfly, the number of morning dew drops on her flowers, the special feeling when dusk came by. She just talked and talked with clever and cute remarks on all she felt and saw. The shepherd, sitting by the lake fishing, would listen intently to the little princess’ stories. She would tell her stories and talk until she would fall asleep. The shepherd would then carry her back home and gently lay her down on their bed. The Emperor eventually became sick and called back the three princesses, along with their husbands. The Emperor was surprised to see that the little princess’ husband, although cleanly dressed, but with clothing that had been mended and patched, had not provided her with wealth and riches like the other two princesses.

The Emperor addressing the little princess, had wanted to know why she had not used her magic to shed at least one tear and produce a diamond that would provide, both her and the shepherd, with enough wealth to at least do business with textiles and perhaps open a shop. The shepherd responded that he had no purpose or intention to ever
make her cry. The Emperor immediately proposed to offer his title as the Emperor to the shepherd.

Although everyone has their own idea of what it means to be blessed and happy, it is generally accepted that there is no one simple universal way to attain this happiness. The shepherd was the only one who understood what it meant to cherish and value his loved one. The most precious tears are not the ones that can be transformed into diamonds, but rather the tears held back. The ones that do not drop and fall to the ground, are the result of a person who truly cherishes you and does not want to make you cry.

Please use your best handwriting to write down the name of the person whom you cherish the most, and have a happy life of eternal bliss together. The person who loves you and the person you love, will be happy forever!