Chinese Dictionaries for OmegaT

Thanks for sharing this Weedy! Our discussions along with James have been really constructive for me. Thx guys! Learning what school doesn’t seem up-to-date on teaching. OmT for freelance translator! Cheers

People, Places, and Food

by Weedy Tan on January 25, 2014

When I first started using OmegaT, I couldn’t figure out how to find and install a suitable Chinese dictionary. I didn’t care so much as I can use online Chinese <> English dictionaries while still learning OmegaT. However, after reading some old posts and discussions in the OmegaT Yahoo support group, I decided to research on this and find a way to install the Chinese dictionaries.

There are, in fact, many resources when it comes to available Chinese <> English dictionaries in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. However, as a novice OmegaT user, I couldn’t understand the differences amongst those numerous dictionaries. Based on the OmegaT manual, I need to find a packed or zipped file with *.tar.bz2 file extension name. When unzipped, it should have 3 files with file extension names as follows:

    1. *
    2. *.idx
    3. *.ifo

And all the above should have…

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