Open Source Translation Software: OmegaT


Currently learning about OmegaT and the myriad opportunities offered to translators with Open Source Software.  Quite a few developments in store for the new versions beings tested out.  The current version is available here

If you translate and wish to join in, participate and share your knowledge on translation, them please feel free to subscribe to the OmegaT yahoo mailing list

There are quite a few interesting people on the list.  Those that are particularly interesting to me are the ones who are updating the software on a continuous basis.  Didier Briel, Jean-Christophe Helary, Kos Ivantsov & Helmut Hoberdiek are quite active on the list.  There are others joining in and they help offer advice on how to improve OmegaT‘s functionality.

OmegaT is quite interesting since you can tailor it to your particular needs and translation methods.  Everyone works differently, and it’s nice to join the mailing list to see how people work with their projects.

I’m particularly interested in adding Linux scripting functions to this wonderful translation software, since I have been using Linux for the past 18 years.


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